Carefully balanced to both deeply cleanse and replenish, our body treatments lift the veil of dullness and dryness to restore hydrated silkiness to skin.

Glow & Go Self Tanner (allow 45 minutes)
For the ultimate Body Glow, experience our luxurious body exfoliation coupled with a soothing hand applied self-Tanning Emulsion for the face and body. Special ingredients assure even, natural-looking results. At the same time, skin moisture is stabilized. The emulsion is exceptionally skin-friendly. Softly shimmering pigments lend skin a slight tint and subtle luster as soon as applied.

Warming May Chang Body Polish ( allow 60 minutes)
To stimulate circulation, heat, and vitality, we will vigorously Exfoliate dry and flaky skin with a warm Mango & Shea Butter infused with May Chang and Himalayan Salt before sealing your limbs with an ultra hydrating Neroli and Rose Body Cream. This treatment will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished and your body invigorated and revived.

Papaya, Macadamia & Argan Oil Body Polish (allow 60 minutes)
Exfoliate flaky, dead skin cells with a tropical cocktail of super foods, before sealing your limbs with the choice of a cooling Cucumber & Watermelon Seed Infusion or a Macadamia & Olive body hydrator containing subtle levels of an eco-certified tanning agent to impart a fresh, sun-kissed radiating glow.

Luxurious Mother of Pearl Body Polish (allow 60 minutes)
Indulge your body and mind with this ultra luxurious body Exfoliation enriched with Mother of Pearl, Essential Fatty Acid rich Argan and Sacha Inchi Oils and exotic Jasmine. This pampering scrub will remove dull, dead skin, leaving your body intensively hydrated, silky and nurtured.

Green Tea, & Grapefruit Wrap (allow 60 minutes)
To reduce fluid retention, invigorate circulation and shift toxins we envelope you in a warm purifying Kaolin Clay Body Wrap infused with Ho Leaf, Geranium, Peppermint and Lemon. After our hot towel wrap removal, we will smother you in a Guarana and Green Tea-rich circulation boosting serum leaving you warm, purified and revived.

Watermelon, Cucumber & Aloe Wrap ( allow 60 minutes)
To cool and soothe sun drenched skin we will slather you in a cooling Aloe and Cucumber Body Wrap before applying refreshing cool stones to further activate the mask. The finale of a Watermelon Body Tonic will leave your skin feeling cool, calm, and refreshed.

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