Lawrence Kibodeaux
Hair Stylist

A veteran in the hair industry for over sixteen years, Lawrence is passionate about his clientele and the smile on their face once they see the look that he has created for them. As a movie buff of the 40’s & 50’s, Lawrence was inspired to become a hair stylist because he loved the sleek classic styles of the Hollywood starlets and the Oscar’s Red Carpet looks. As the older brother of three sisters he got lots of practice, doing their hair for school and formals. Lawrence enjoys the fact that Michael Kemper encourages the team to express their artistic talents, and the cohesiveness of his team members willing to help each other. As a proficient stylist in color and highlighting for blondes, Lawrence’s true artistry shines through when doing formal hairstyling, wedding hair, and up-do’s. He is also, certified in the Keratin Treatment and the Keratin Treatment Express. Lawrence has done work with Dress For Success, Ronald McDonald House, local fashion shows, and is part of the Kemper Hair Team for Great Day Houston.

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