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Cell-Assisted Autologous Fat Transfer

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Do you feel like aging has affected your face? Are there parts of your body you wish had a more alluring shape? Have you had a mastectomy which has caused asymmetry? If you answered yes to any of these questions but are not interested in a face lift or plastic surgery, then cell-assisted autologous fat transfer from Urban Retreat is for you. Cell-assisted autologous fat transfer is a procedure in which a patient’s own body fat is used to augment sunken or thin regions of the face or body in order to add volume where it is desired. This procedure is a safe and scientifically-proven process wherein fat cells are harvested and redistributed to other areas of the body, most often to breasts, buttocks, or to the face to eliminate wrinkles and raise droops. This type of fat transfer has such applications as:
  • Filling in forehead wrinkles and laugh lines
  • Filling sunken areas under the eyes
  • Cheek or chin augmentation
  • Smoothing lines in the face
  • Breast augmentation or reconstruction
  • Gluteal augmentation
  • Improve facial or breast symmetry
  • Lip augmentation
With cell-assisted autologous fat-transfer from Urban Retreat, a majority of the transferred fat remains in its place permanently, which means long-lasting results and fewer visits to the office. There is also very little risk for post-procedure complications. Even though it may sound complex, autologous fat transfer is a simple procedure, requiring just three steps.
  1. Excess fat from abdomen, buttocks, thighs, or jowls is removed
  2. Fat cells are isolated and cleansed
  3. The fat cells are then injected into the specified facial or body areas
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