From Dud to Stud

Posted By Urban Retreat / June, 13, 2012 / Comments comments

KHOU-TV’s Great Day Houston selected the Urban Retreat team to work their salon magic on a deserving dad who was in desperate need of a man-makeover.

The Before.

Todd Parker is a proud dad, husband, and accomplished photographer. The one thing he lacked was an updated look that reflected his creative, modern, and hip personality.  Stylist Todd Ramos took on the challenge of revamping Parker’s outdated look with a vision that was refreshed and refined.

Once a new wardrobe had been selected, Ramos led Parker to the trusted and gifted hands of the Urban Retreat team. With an open-minded attitude, Parker allowed Hair Stylist Bryan Nguyen to chop off his long locks, a cut that was far past due.

Urban Retreat Hair Stylist Bryan Nguyen trimmed and styled Todd Parker's long locks.

The transformation did not stop there. Edward Sanchez was ready to take Parker to the next level, threading. Threading is an ancient method of hair removal.  From ear hair to eyebrows, or what Sanchez refers to as “my-bros,” no unwanted hair was left lingering.

Edward Sanchez "manscapes" using a threading technique.

After a day of fittings, trimmings, and “manscaping,” the transformation was finally complete. Parker’s look went from an untailored, lackluster hippie to a sophisticated, clean-cut, handsome professional. It goes to show what a difference tailored clothes, a quality haircut, and a little threading can make. Parker is a magnificent dad and husband and now he has a magnificent new look to match.

The After. Todd Parker with Urban Retreat President Saira Ali and Edward Sanchez