A Flare for Hair

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Oribe Hair Care’s Creative Director Tom Gallagher

Oribe Hair Care’s Creative Director Tom Gallagher held a special class exclusively for the Urban Retreat team. With Oribe’s luxurious product line and extraordinary talent, Gallagher demonstrated how to achieve wispy, 1950s inspired waves created to last throughout the night into the next day. Gallagher’s charm and wit along with experience and knowledge motivated the team who were eager to perfect the techniques he shared.

Class is in session. Tom Gallagher shares with the Urban Retreat team master techniques and ideas.

Here is a sample of master techniques and ideas Gallagher shared with the Urban Retreat team:
•    Squeeze product on fingers to measure correct amount, not palms. Compare the amount of shampoo to the amount of soap you would use on your skin. Less is more.
•    When styling, always begin with the hairline. A happy hairline equals a happy do.
•    Neutralize the part, meaning if your hairline naturally falls asymmetrical to the left, blowout the hairline so the natural part becomes undefined.
•    Intentional Part vs. Natural Part. Simply put, your natural part is for a casual look. An over-exaggerated intentional part is for a glam look.
•    Casual Pony vs. Sophisticated Pony. A casual pony tail is a quick upsweep of hair that incorporates the natural waves and nuances of the hair along with whimsical pieces. This can be an everyday look. A sophisticated pony tail is straight and sleek from your hair line to the base of the pony. This is your evening look.
•    When styling, think in terms of geometric shapes.  Play off the natural angles of the hairline to achieve a flattering look.
•    Do not be afraid to brush through curls once you are done setting the hair. If properly set the curls will remain and the overall look will be soft and elegant.
•    Once you are finished styling, blast your hair with cold air. Cold air will seal your style and it will last longer.
•    For Houston’s (hellish) humidity, try Oribe’s Imperméable Anti-Humidity spray intended to shield hair from dreaded frizz (see video).

Oribe delivers truly original formulations: gels that condition, oils that hold, sprays that don’t flake or clump, skincare-grade shampoos that prep hair for styling while protecting it from the environment, all lightly scented with specially commissioned French perfumes. Products can be purchased at the Urban Retreat Salon in River Oaks.

The final look = si magnifique!