iComplete By Societe’ Featured in UpClose Magazine

By Dana Lee | June, 25, 2014 | Comments comments

Check out  iComplete by Societe’ featured in UpClose Magazine.  Urban Retreat carries Societe’ and other luxury products, just ask one of our service coordinators for assistance.

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Injection Procedure Enhancer

The iComplete System: Intense Firming Complex and Skin Hydration Complex –
helps enhance the effects of injections and other anti-aging procedures.
This two-step age reversal regimen is specifically designed for use following
injections and other procedures to maximize and extend results.

Intense Firming Complex: 
Anti-wrinkle Serum. Reduce muscle contractions with “Neuro-Like Peptides”
and experience immediate and long-lasting firming and tightening effects.
Continued use diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles resulting
from repetitive muscle contractions.

Skin Hydration Complex: 
A light and refreshing hydration boost for the skin. Calms and soothes
post-procedure skin, reducing unwanted redness and irritation.
Experience increased collagen and elastin production.

Intense Firming Complex: 
• Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles
• Hydrates, Plumps, Firms & Tightens
• Contains Proprietary Collagen Boosting Peptide Complex
• Contains Hyaluronic Acid & Antioxidants

Skin Hydration Complex: 
• Speeds Skin Recovery
• Contains Antioxidants & Hyaluronic Acid
• Contains Innovative Peptide Complex & Vitamin C